Ben & Jerry’s Reward Odeon Customers

Ben & Jerry’s have set up a value added promotion in partnership with Odeon cinemas which offers customers a free scoop of ice cream when they check-in. To claim the free scoop of ice cream consumers must check-in to Ben & Jerry’s at any Odeon cinema on Facebook to claim a free scoop of Chocolate Brownie Fro-Yo when purchasing any other 2 scoops at the Ben & Jerry’s stand.

Ben and Jerrys Photo

The offer is only running between the 24th October and 20th November and is being promoted through the Odeon website, Ben & Jerry’s customer newsletter and on-premise.

This innovative type of promotion is specifically aiming to engage a younger, more Facebook friendly audience to encourage digital engagement and familiarity with the brand by offering free added value to the purchase of an ice cream scoop. The added value is of a perceived high value to consumers but is essentially a sales driving tool for Ben & Jerry’s who will hope to persuade potential customers in Odeon cinemas to purchase their product in return for a free extra scoop.

The mechanic of checking-in is becoming a more familiar method of reward to consumers and Ben & Jerry’s and Odeon will benefit from this type of activity by increasing their Facebook presence and overall interaction with their customers. For both parties, the added value offer and the ease of redeeming the offer via your phone will encourage consumers to purchase items from the kiosk when they may not have otherwise, thereby increasing overall spend per customer which benefits both Ben & Jerry and Odeon Cinemas.

Personalised ‘Get Well Soon’ messages from Heinz

Heinz is aiming to increase its online and social media presence this winter by allowing consumers to personalise Heinz tomato and chicken soup cans as an alternative to the traditional winter ‘Get Well Soon’ card.


The seasonal campaign builds on the traditional warming associations of Heinz soup by making the product a unique and accessible gift it becomes a natural part of the of feeling unwell occassion.

The service ishosted on Facebook and isonly accessible by becoming a friend of the Heinz Facebook page, building the Facebook fan base for the brand and encouraging further interaction across all social networks by building exclusivity and interest among fans.

The idea to personalise soup cans, for a cost for £1.99 seems like a natural progression for the brand which has a loyal UK following and is particularly associated with the colder winter months. Instead of just encouraging ‘likes’ of the brand it actually rewards fans with an exclusive product as well as encouraging more sales via Facebook.

Co-Op launches online shopping

Co-Op have recently announced the launch of a new online shopping element to their grocery business which would launch in 2012.  As the Co-Op is a smaller scale grocery retailer in comparison to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, their size means lends them to offer a potentially simpler online shopping experience than some of their competitors.


Interestingly, in the annoucement Co-Op suggested they would not be utilising traditional ATL media to promote the new service but instead focus on more innovative methods such as social media which is both cheaper and potentially a more targeted type of promotion and mobile shopping which focuses on convenience and impulse shopping habits. The mobile and facebook shopping methods would offer smaller items such as bread and milk for an overall lower basket spend but more frequent impulse purchasing habits.

Coca Cola launches new POS to suppport Olympic Flame Campaign

Coca Cola has released new POS to focus on their role as lead sponsor of the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012. The POS draws attention to the role of Coca Cola in the campaign to find torch bearers to carry the Olympic torch around the UK before the Olympics begin next summer, it is the first Olympic specific POS to appear in store from Coke.


Innocent HGV

Innocent drinks has added an experiential offering to their expanding food and drink range through September.  A HGV (Hungry grassy van) will be touring cities around the UK to offer healthy lunches which include all of your 5 fruit or veg a day, the lunches on offer will be available for between £2-3.

This is a strategic move by Innocent to encourage awareness of its growing food offering in THG, the release of its new cookery book ‘Hungry’ which features many of the dishes on sale as well as supporting their political agenda against the Government’s Responsibility Deal which Innocent claim has fallen short of its responsibility.

The HGV vehicle is encouraging trial of their food products and consumer awareness by placing it in the heart of cities and fulfilling the needs of workers at lunch time.

Innocent HGV

Cadbury’s exclusive deal in WH Smith

Cadbury’s is offering an exclusive GWP in WH Smith’s; purchase any 3 Cadbury’s chocolate bars for £2 and get a free Cadbury’s Spots vs Stripes puzzle book. The offer drives volume for the retailer, reasserts the spots v stripes campaign at POP and delivers added value for the shopper in the form of some entertainment for their (and their kids) forthcoming journey.

WH Smith Cadburys

Diet Coke launches new fashion channel with Yahoo

Diet Coke has launched its first ever digital fashion channel in partnership with Yahoo as part of its ‘Love it Light’ campaign. Diet Coke recently announced its 3 year marketing strategy to build brand association with fashion and this latest venture into digital builds on its fashion credentials.

The Yahoo channel will include daily fashion features, news, reviews and videos as well as interactive content tailored to the user’s personal interests and will link up with third parties such as Stylesight. The move signals the expansion of the Love it Light campaign into digital space and builds on their existing association with fashion partners such as ASOS which featured in an on-pack promotion.

Barry M and Impulse partner in Superdrug

barry m and impulseThe body spray brand Impulse has partnered with the popular make-up brand Barry M for a gift with purchase give-away exclusively in Superdrug and Tesco stores.

The partnership is aimed at the core target market of both brands - teenage girls who are attracted to the style, colours and associations of both brands. There are 3 packs available in-store which include an Impulse scent and a Barry M lipgloss; ‘Into Glamour’ with a clear vanilla lipgloss and scent, ‘Very Pink’ with a strawberry flavour gloss and ‘Tease’ with a caramel flavour.

The partnership builds the consumer following for both products as the price and girly offering of the products appeal to the target consumer of young teenage girls who shop in Superdrug. The partnership has also gained reviews and publicity through fashion publications such as Glamour and online through independent blogs and twitter feeds.

Buxton targets Breakfast occassion for bottled water

buxton-thirstThe soft drinks market is going crazy at the moment for the ‘with food’ positioning and Buxton is no different. While brands such as Oasis and Coca Cola are targeting lunch, dinner and general mealtimes, Buxton is throwing its hat into the breakfast ring.

It may not be the typical beverage to be associated with breakfast but it is making a strong argument for why people should drink (bottled) water at the breakfast table, the tag line ‘quench your morning thirst’  reinforces the idea that people wake up dehydrated and whilst tea/orange juice may be the drink of choice it cannot provide hydration like water can provide. It is a unique place within the bottled water market but does seem slightly stretched… as the fact that only 8% of people consume bottled water at breakfast may be for a reason!

In-store presence of the shelf wobblers is being encouraged by a prize of £500 for an independent shop who sends in a photo of the wobblers in-situ within their store.

CCE builds up Abbey Well for Olympics countdown

CCE has launched outdoor advertising for its most minor brand Abbey Well as the ‘Official Water’ of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

abbey well

A relative unknown in the bottled water market, it reflects Coca Cola’s strategy of leveraging every opportunity for raising brand awareness across the portfolio as the biggest sponsor of the upcoming 2012 Olympics. In this case the 2012 logo now features on the long running Abbey Well free swim offer.